One of ayvalik’s oldest buildings has been turned into a guest-house by the well-know rhythmn musician, retired sergeant Cetin Akkoc. It is said that the bulding dates back the end of the 18th century and was used as the Italian Cansulate and then as the house of a Greek General (Trikopis) Along with the various stories about its past, the bulding is graced with high ceilings, an authentic staircase, neo-classical interrior architecture and a glorious history. Its chief recommendation is a walled garden by the shade of the old eucalyptus tree or swim in the reasonably clean sea. The house itself has a gloriously painted interior, high-ceilinged rooms and a swanky curve to the stairwell which testify to palmier days past.



A charming elderly couple of Balkan origin live in it among the salvaged bits of past affluence and the memorys of grow and departed children, running the pension on a limited budget and with a bare minimum of investment.

*        Ekmeleddin İHSANOĞLU

*        Elia KAZAN

*        Sezen AKSU

*        Seçkin ERMİŞ

*        Pınar KÜR

*        Nejdet TOKATLIOĞLU

*        Mustafa KANDIRALI

*        Ahmet Sezgin

*        Tuğrul Şan

*        Kadir İNANIR

*        Neriman KÖKSAL

*        Erol TAŞ

*        Aydemir AKBAŞ

*        Erol EVGİN

*        Hande ATAİZİ

*        YAŞAR

*        Tuğce KAZAZ

*        Canan SEZGİN

*        Yahya CEYLAN

*        Zafer PAR

*        Hayati HAMZAOĞLU

*        Sulhi DÖLEK

*        Ömer KAVRUK

*        Nur SÜER

*        Halil ERGÜN

*        HÜMEYRA

Address : Behind of PTT 25, 10400 Ayvalık / Balıkesir / Türkiye - Phone:  +90 (266) 312 2423 / +90 (266) 312 3819